Tips To Develop Positive Relationships With Your Parents – Jonah Engler

When you are a child, you may often feel like your parents do not understand you, support you, or even love you. While this is quite common in children, most times, it is not that. Parents love their children and are looking out for them in ways that a child can not even understand.

For you both to be on the same page and understand each other, you need to create healthy and positive relationships with each other.

If you are noticing a bit of negativity when it comes to your relationship with your parents and has the desire to improve it, Jonah Engler has some tips for you.

1.   Jonah Engler Advises To Show Love

As children, you can show love to your parents in different ways. That keeps them happy and can help in resting a strong bond between you two. Randomly drop a kiss on your mom’s cheeks or hug your dad and tell him how special he is. Give them smiles and talk to them in a good manner. This can help you both understand each other on a better level.

2.   Jonah Engler Advises To Be Appreciative

You can appreciate your parents for everything that they have done for you. For all the times that they have helped you out, cooked your favorite meals, took you shopping, picked and dropped you at your friend’s place, helped you with homework, and a lot more. For moments that they have compromised their lives for your betterment, try to appreciate them for all that they did. They might annoy you at times, but learn to ignore them and appreciate the things that they do instead.

Do not take your parents for granted. You can tell them that they are appreciated by buying them a gift or helping out with the housework, or just spending extra time with them.

3.   Jonah Engler Advises To Think From Their Perspective

The difference in perspectives is something that always ends up creating problems between people. The same happens in a relationship between a child and a parent. They both have their reasons for the thing that they are talking about. So, it is important that you think about the point of view of others too rather than just imposing your wishes on your parents.

The parents belong to a generation that was prior to us, and they had different values and codes of conduct. Try to realize that too. Maybe they are meeting you halfway, and you want it done all in your way. For that, you need to consider both the mindsets and realize what the problem may be. Ask them why they are saying that and try to ponder on it. Try to understand them and also try to present your point in a manner that they end up understanding you too.


While a relationship with your parents can be rocky, you need to make sure that you understand that they love you and care about you. Jonah Engler suggests that you follow the above-mentioned advice so that you have a better understanding of your parents.