The Effects Of Meditation On Your Hair And Skin – Jonah Engler

While meditation has always been something that most people link with peace and serenity, it has more benefits than they knew. While it does help you in reaching a level of peace, it has its effects on many other things too.

People who meditate on a regular basis are known to benefit from it in a number of ways. An improvement has been shown in their skin and their hair too.

If you want to get better hair and you are tired of changing shampoos, applying oils, and doing everything that you can – give meditation a try. The same goes for the people who are aching for better skin – try to meditate.

According to Jonah Engler, there are many benefits of meditation on the skin and hair:

1.   It Slows Down The Process Of Aging –  Jonah Engler

Meditating on a regular basis can have effects on the aging process of your body.  When you meditate, you intake energy known as Prana, which helps in creating a feeling of relaxation and calmness in the body. When you are in between the process of meditation, this energy helps in repairing the tissues of the body and cells, and this helps in providing a radiant, fresher, and younger boost to your skin. Breathing in will enable the oxygen to boost the health of your cells of the body and will help in the process of rejuvenation.

Due to meditation, you can notice a betterment in your complexion and observe a decrease in the wrinkles along with a younger and healthier skin too. Along with the appearance, meditation also keeps the blood pressure normal and reduces stress-affected problems like ulcers, insomnia, headaches, etc. This also helps you in feeling younger than before.

2.   It Increases The Circulation Of Blood To The Head – Jonah Engler

If the flow of blood is good, it will help in giving a boost to our skin and hair. With a good flow of blood in necks, faces, and heads, the body will go through improved levels of oxygen throughout the body. Due to the better circulation, there will be a flush out of the debris in the cells, and it can help in getting rid of the toxic wastes from the body.

3.   It Can Prevent Hormonal Acne – Jonah Engler

When the hormones are not behaving properly due to an imbalance, puberty, or pregnancy, it can create havoc on your skin and hair. You can experience acne, dry flakes, hair fall, etc., which can be quite daunting.

With meditation, people have observed a good impact on the endocrine system of the body. It helps in reducing the levels of cortisol that help in preventing hair fall. Proper circulation of the blood aids in keeping the skin fresh and clear too. The balanced endocrine system can prevent hormonal acne from occurring on the face.


These are some ways that help in boosting the health of skin and hair, according to Jonah Engler. Try to meditate for just a few minutes per day and notice a change in your body.