Teach Your Kids the Ways to Express Love to Others – Insights by Jonah Engler

Your kid is an extension of who you are! Sooner or later, they will reflect your thoughts and ideas. Hence, it is necessary that you teach them about the best things in the world to help them become a strong and good person. Of all the qualities that you must teach your kid, you need to choose love. It’s because the world will become a challenging place to live as they grow up. But if they believe in the power of love, they will be able to bounce back from any tough situation and also develop better relationships with others.

Anything you teach a kid in their formative years becomes a permanent imprint in their subconscious life. Hence, if you teach them about love, they will operate from a place of kindness and compassion in their life as they grow up. Are you wondering how to go about it? If yes, Jonah Engler shares some of the ways you can teach your kid to express love.

  1. Behave lovingly at home and with other family members

You can show a film or play based on love to your child and expect them to believe in love. But if your home environment is hostile, chances are they will grow up having a complicated mindset about love and relationships. Therefore, they must start seeing every family member behaving respectfully and lovingly with one another. That will enable them to behave lovingly towards others as well when they grow up.

  • Ask them to hug their friends at school

If you have read about the “Free hugs” initiative, you will realize that a warm hug is an expression of love and warmth. If you want your kid to adapt to this, ask them to hug their friends when they come home or as they leave school. You can even encourage them to hug their friends before saying goodbye during playtime. It will make them get comfortable with expressing love to their friends.

  • Get into social work early on

Today, several non-governmental organizations encourage donation or any other initiatives to help a social cause. Make sure that you participate in it and make your kid be a part of it from an early age. Automatically it will enhance their sense of compassion and make them comfortable in expressing their love through compassionate actions. It will make them believe that it is essential to care for other human beings.

Last but not least, Jonah Engler says that having a pet at home also teaches a kid to show and express love to others. Playing with pet will help develop a sense of awareness about the animal kingdom. Also, there’s a widespread belief that pet lovers are more comfortable in expressing love to both humans and animals. When you teach your kid how to express love and get comfortable with it, you enable them to become balanced individuals as they grow up. You need to realize that the ability to love is a superpower.