Summer Jobs for Your Kids as per Jonah Engler

With summer coming in at full blast, all kids want something to do because staying home all day long is not an option. According to Jonah Engler, there is a simple trick that can help with this that makes both the kids and their parents happy!

So, what is the trick?

It is getting your child a fun summer job!

They will not only end up having fun but also learn from a new experience. Along with that, they will also get familiar with the process of working, which will help increase their social well-being due to interaction with the outside world. More importantly, they will get the chance to enjoy themselves.

Lemonade Stand

That is right, the famous lemonade stand!

As per Jonah Engler, everyone loves a cold cup of sweet lemonade every now and then. In summers, they love it even more. All you have to do is set up a small table at the side of the street, and your kids can help decorate the stand as they like, allowing them to display their creativity!

Once done, it is all about making a couple of pitchers of lemonade. Your kids can then get to work to sell some drinks to anyone passing by while earning money.

Sell Cookies as per Jonah Engler

Kids love to bake, especially when it comes to making crunchy cookies, while people love to eat them, as per Jonah Engler. After all, no summer get-together is complete without fresh baked cookies.

Luckily, there is not a lot of effort that goes into the process; all you have to do is get ready-made dough and let your kids do the rest. They can decide how they want to customize their cookies and try different toppings and flavors.

Once done, they can sell cookies around their house—a great way to have fun and make money at the same time.

Helping Out Someone

This job is great to let your kids learn about helping others.

They can either volunteer at a community center or go and spend time with the elderly. They can even help their own grandparents and neighbors from time to time.

This will help them gain a better understanding of how to be a part of a community and give them the chance to learn from others.

Jonah Engler’s Advice

Summer jobs might sound like too much work, but when you combine them with something your kid will enjoy, it becomes worth it, especially when they learn a lot along the way.

As per Jonah Engler, kids learn some incredible things from such activities. They learn about the world, money, and their creative side. Moreover, they also learn through interacting with so many people around them while learning to have fun! That alone makes summer so much more fun than it is supposed to be.