Maintaining a Healthy Relationship With Your Partner – Jonah Engler

When you are with a partner, there might be loads of joyous moments, while there may also be some moments of disappointments and anger. These ups and downs are very regular when it comes to a relationship.

Whether you are in a new relationship or have been with that person for years and years, you need to work on your relationship to make it strong, happy, and healthy.

According to Jonah Engler, these are a few things that should be done to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner.

1.   Learn To Agree To Disagree – Jonah Engler

There are different ways that people opt for while discussing a conflict. Some might sit down and discuss things, some might not talk to each other, and some might scream and shout at the top of their voice to make themselves heard. The thing is that you are both adults who have opinions of your own. You need to realize that two people can have different opinions about things, and you can learn that you will not have the same opinion every single time. You need to sit down and resolve the issue without humiliating each other.

2.   Learn To Be Flexible – Jonah Engler

Being flexible is key to a healthy relationship. While you might feel uneasy about things, remember that you need to allow your relationship to be flexible so that it has positivity and growth.

3.   Learn To Be Honest – Jonah Engler

It is important to have honesty in your relationship to progress suitably. You need to talk about the problems and have healthy communication based on honesty. Do not hide things from each other as it can lead to insecurities. Be open and discuss matters with each other. Try to keep others in the loop whenever you take a huge step. Get the opinion about the other person and express your own.

4.   Learn To Maintain An Emotional Connection – Jonah Engler

You and your partner should both be making efforts to make the other one feel loved and valued. Fulfill the emotional attachments with each other and indulge in the happiness of love and care. Make sure that your partner feels that they are loved and accepted, and this will help in elevating your relationship. Learn to build an emotional connection that allows you to rely on each other for support. 

5.   Learn To Keep Your Language And Tone In Check – Jonah Engler

Fights are a part of every relationship; you can not have a relationship without going through a single fight. Know that the differences are a must, and you must get to the bottom of the problem – together. Try to be logical and talk about things without succumbing to the blame game. Try to restrict criticism when you are fighting, as it will only add fuel to the fire.

6.   Learn To Cool Down Before Having A Discussion – Jonah Engler

If you both are super angry, there is a considerable chance that you both might end up not understanding each other. So, the better thing to do is take a walk and cool down before you get into the discussion. While you are cooling down, try to think of the other person’s perspective, too, this will help you understand them. With a clear mind, talk about everything and discuss it.


Follow these tips by Jonah Engler to build a healthy relationship with your partner and lead a happy life together.