Jonah Engler

Scholarship 2023

Jonah Engler Scholarship 2023

Jonah Engler
Jonah Engler

About Jonah Engler

Jonah Engler Silberman New York expert is generally well known for his achievement in the cell phone business. In less than three years, he manufactured a domain of 22 Wireless Zone foundation regions spreading north of four states. Mr. Silberman’s business gives occupations to 125 individuals in the area and makes more than $45 million consistently.

Jonah Engler Interest

Jonah Engler vivaciously participates in various exercises of individual interest, similar to fine food sources and tasty espresso. He adores the smells and tastes found in a straightforward cup of steaming espresso. Jonah likes to investigate on different tasks that have comparative qualities or standards, or something that rouses his premium. His ability along with his enthusiasm let him convey strong and real data in more extensive subjects. His humanitarian drives continue to help and spur individuals around him before long as well.

About Jonah Engler Scholarship 2023

Jonah Engler has an enjoying and love for magnanimity and helpful drives; so he provides to the with some much needed help of unfortunate understudies in the US, who can’t manage the cost of the great training expense in the US schools and colleges.

The Jonah Engler Scholarship has been established to harness the passion and ideas of our future leaders. In addition, Jonah’s first award of $1000 will be presented to the student most able to project these traits in words, by writing a 700-850 word essay.

 Jonah Engler
Jonah Engler

The Jonah Engler Scholarship is intend to set up a design to manage a touch and feel, the main methodology, and the subsequent methodology is innovation, for the undergrads. With regards to the $1,000 prize cash, it would be given to a significant understudy exertion in his scholastics as well as somebody, who helps other people around him.

Jonah Engler Scholarship is an ability based program

 The Jonah Engler Scholarship  is a merit-based program that helps talented students pursue advanced studies in some of the best colleges and universities in America. The scholarship is open to all students, but those who can demonstrate financial need are given preference.

He himself knows how difficult it can be for talented students from poor families to get into a good college. That is why he set up the Jonah Engler Scholarship Fund, with the goal of helping talented students from all backgrounds to get the education they deserve.

One of the essay topics for this year’s scholarship is “If you had the opportunity to ask someone for forgiveness, who would it be and why?” This topic is open to interpretation, but he wants to know what motivates people to seek forgiveness and what they hope to gain from it.

Applicants are require to submit an essay of 700 words or more on the given topic. Moreover, The scholarship is open to all students who are currently enroll in an undergraduate or graduate program in the United States. The deadline for applications is 15th Feb 2023.

So if you are a talented student from a poor family, don’t hesitate to apply for the Jonah Engler Scholarship. However, It could be the difference between getting the education you want and having to settle for something less.


Attend an accredited US-Based university
Possess an excellent academic record.
Demonstrate the ability to lead.

Application Submission Deadline: Feb 15th, 2023

Award Announcement Date: Feb 28, 2023

Award Total: $1000.00

Lastly, Results will be post on

Required Information
First Name/Last Name
Contact/Telephone Number
Mailing Address/Email address
High School Graduation Date
The Accredited University you attend, or plan to attend
Current GPA
An essay addressing one of the questions below

Essay Questions
“If you had the opportunity to ask someone for forgiveness, who would it be and why?”

Submit Your Application
The candidate should submit application including the essay through email with a simple Word document attached to the same email at

Choosing the Winner
In conclusion, Performance and talent are the two key factors to become eligible for the scholarship. The deserving student should go through an assessment process according to the essay composed. Above all, the winning candidate will receive an email notification on 28th Feb 2023. Also the scholarship or financial aid will be transferred to the victorious candidate’s bank account.