Jonah Engler

Jonah Engler’s views on how social awareness programs for kids and teens can build a better tomorrow

Jonah Engler’s every kid has a lot of potentials while growing up. It is crucial to understand that beyond the possibility, there are other factors at play if that child has to grow up and be successful. It is this need that drives parents for better education and resources. There is the added X-factor of life experiences as well. All of this adds up to ensure a better future for an individual.

Jonah Engler’s as a community leader, parents, and educators, it is therefore essential to expose kids to social entrepreneurship. It will enable every child to discover their life’s calling and impart values through experiences gained. By definition, social entrepreneurship is creating ventures to solve problems for the benefit of society. It includes raising money as well as awareness for a cause, special services, and organization of events. This experience is invaluable, according to most experts, when it comes to imparting social value. 

There is the case in point of one Alex Scott of the Lemonade Stand Foundation, which enabled her to raise $1 million for cancer research by the time she was eight. She was battling cancer and had she was four years old. The scope of social entrepreneurship is enormous, and according to Jonah Engler, leading philanthropist and innovator, it is the next logical step for entrepreneurs.

In the following post, we have gone over the details of social entrepreneurship for kids and why it is essential, especially in this day and age? Let’s have a look.

The role of parents and teachers according to Jonah Engler

Yes, the previous section describes a motivational story, and not everyone can be motivated the same way since every story is different. The engagement and the enthusiasm of an adult are vital to bringing out the natural changemaker in every kid.

Also, it is essential to understand that it is not about teaching the nitty-gritty of business and spreadsheets. However, you can explain some basic concepts through fun activities that will reinforce the value and the concepts in kids. According to experts, this lays the groundwork for substantial action and innovation when they enter higher education.

Social enterprises are gaining prominence in various spheres of our lives. For young entrepreneurs, it is not about the money anymore, but it is about making lives better. It is a great idea to start with the young minds so that they learn the greater good right from the start. Not only will they start better in life, but they will also craft a better future for everyone irrespective of their condition.

Social awareness values

As stated in the previous section, social awareness concerns are gaining momentum and popularity across various spheres of our life. It is slowly getting imbibed in the system and becoming a significant part of the economy. It was once only the government agencies that came out with schemes that aided the common and unfortunate folks.

However, times have changed, and the general realization is that the government concerns need aid and monetary support. Since it is just not enough when it comes to solving the plethora of problems plaguing the world today. So businesses have emerged all around the globe, at the most surprising corners. That is dedicated not to making profit but building a better future through humanitarian projects.

According to experts like Roger L. Martin, social entrepreneurship is vital for society’s progress and economies all around the world. And since then, social entrepreneurship has been included in the curriculum across all levels. To hone young minds to think ahead and solve the problems of society. There has been a positive impact with higher scores, better attendance, awareness of skills, and personal talents. Some have even grasped concepts of economics and math far beyond their levels.

What is required now?

Jonah Engler’s there are a handful of instances and organizations of repute. That is actively supporting teens and adults in becoming social entrepreneurs. When the fact of the matter is training the nation’s youngest entrepreneurial talent.

Organizations should come forward to launch awards programs with school kids. And offer them for the undertaking of entrepreneurial activity with a straightforward goal in mind; a better tomorrow. Even though the amount in itself is quite modest, it creates awareness in young kids about responsibility, accountability, and ownership. This will plant the seeds of social entrepreneurship in young minds. In addition to that, learning tools for parents and educators are also vital so that they can actively take part in the kids. Which will make for engaging conversations and sharing of experiences.

What to expect?

Jonah Engler’s curriculum in itself is groundbreaking, and there is very little data about the actual results that we can obtain. However, one thing is sure, and that is not everyone is tempered enough to be a social entrepreneur. The goal is never that. We will still need scientists, mathematicians, astrophysicists, and doctors.

Kids are naturally curious and have an abundance of imagination and low on inhibition. It is the perfect mix of everything right in the human emotional range and the sheer power of innocence. Social entrepreneurship training will allow kids to be the change that the world needs today. It is quite right that once any individual experiences the joy and satisfaction of social entrepreneurship. He/she can never go back to being a passive member of society.

For sure, this will make for active individuals who will seek out problems. And come up with innovative solutions to tackle them head-on. It is safe to say that we owe this much to the kids. After all, they are the future.