Jonah Engler

Jonah Engler – How Can You Start Loving Yourself?

Do you what self-love is? It’s taking care of you, both mentally and physically, without depending on anyone says Jonah Engler. Self-love is something we need to feel the most. If you don’t love yourself, you will be tired of your life and might fail to love others. Additionally, the feelings of frustration and anger will also be increased when there’s a lack of self-love. 

We human beings are often afraid of speaking with our hearts out and hiding our feelings. Not because the feelings are fake, but because they are too genuine to showcase to someone. This is why we suppress our emotions which ultimately cause stress and anxiety in our life. Your emotions will come and go repeatedly in various negative ways that will make you procrastinate. 

There are many signs of the requirement for more self-love in our life. When we love ourselves, we will be able to love others, without any condition. Self-love will help you love and honor every aspect of your life such as your feelings, goals, physique, talents, etc. Here is how you can start loving yourself. 

Notice Your Thoughts

The way you respond to your thoughts will matter a lot. Are you having positive or negative thoughts? Is the quality of the thoughts improving or degrading your mental health? We human beings are responsible for our thoughts. When you become aware of the thoughts that are coming to your mind, you will be able to control them properly and choose to stick to the positive side. 

If you think that you’re becoming more anxious or depressed from your thoughts, this means that you’re letting them take control of your feelings, says Jonah Engler. And thoughts will undoubtedly turn to negative ones if we don’t control them. 

Distinguish between Intuition and Thoughts 

Since uncontrolled thoughts can trigger the negative emotions in our life, which prevents us from becoming who we are, make sure you improve your capability to distinguish between intuition and thoughts. Failing to do so will undoubtedly connect uncomfortable situations. 

More than 85% of our fears are vague and they don’t come true. However, Jonah Engler says our brains are perfectly capable of memorizing the thoughts that have affected us. If we find any similarities just like the past events, they will be automatically registered in our brain which will further increase our feelings of fear and insecurity. 

Understand the Pain is Your Friend 

This is a great point you need to remember if you want to start loving yourself. Even though your body and mind try to run away from the pain, it’s one of the most important parts of loving yourself. If we let fear control us and our thoughts, we will fail to face certain situations that are imperative for our growth both mental and physical. There is a reward on the other side of the pain. This is something you need to remember always. 

If you go to the gym, your physique will be built and you will achieve satisfaction only after you work hard and make yourself leave your comfort zone. You will always be rewarded when you push a bit further to achieve the results. 


This is how you can start loving yourself. Make sure you comment below if you’re facing any kind of physical and mental trauma.