Jonah Engler

Jonah Engler Discusses Ways to Teach Your Kids that Love Is the Basis of Life

We exist in a highly competitive and materialistic society that acknowledges and values individual achievement and consumerism. Beauty and love cannot be evaluated or analyzed conventionally. Hence, often educators try shying away from them. Great minds like Jonah Engler believe that love is the basis for social change and living. They believe in the intrinsic power of love. Children should be taught how compassion and love require courage and strength. Parents are caring, and they love their kids unconditionally. However, in a materialistic society that prizes gain and performance more than anything else, it is essential to keep teaching, and reminding your kids that love is the most valuable asset in life.

Teach your kids that love has the power to heal the pain. The best way of teaching your kids the magical power of love is by showering them unconditional love. Love can dramatically boost their understanding and self-esteem. Love is a universal language that has no barriers. When kids get the reassurance that you will love them beyond and above any talent, performance, or label, they will value love and return it to others. You can teach your kids about the importance of love in life by encouraging them to participate in some activities that inculcate deep love in them .

Introduce Bonding Experiences

Teach kids to rely on one another. Give them chores that they need to complete as a team. Bonding activities are best for forming their mindset. They start depending on each other. This dependence is undoubtedly a sign of compassion and love. Kids realize that they need one another. They are there for each other and not alone says Jonah Engler.

Encourage Selflessness and Teach Them to Share

Kids think that their things belong solely to them and no one else should use them, whether space or toys. You should teach them the importance of love by making them realize that people are more important than their toys or other stuff. Teach them to give priority to others first. They should be encouraged to do favors, help siblings with their chores, share toys with friends, etc. Sharing activities, toys, or food is an excellent way of teaching kids to love each other, says, Jonah EnglerOnce kids are encouraged to participate in activities together, they will spend time together, create memories to cherish, and become more involved with each other. They will learn to value love and appreciate one another. They will gradually learn to operate as a team and enjoy team activities. 

Focus on Cultivating Playtime

Playing together could be the best way of cultivating loving and caring relationships. Kids learn social skills by playing together. While having fun with friends, they learn more about one another and ways to relate. Often, while playing with siblings, there is every chance of a disastrous fight to break out. As a parent, it is your responsibility to act as the mediator and resolve a situation.


If you want your kids to become loving and caring young adults, keep teaching them about the power and magic of love.