Jonah Engler

Jonah Engler: Discusses Tips to Break Up Amiably As Rational Adults Should Do

Life is a celebration of love. Love leads to happiness and harmony. When you are in a new relationship, everything seems exciting and amazing. You wait eagerly to meet your beloved and he feels exactly the same way. The thrill, ecstasy, and joys of a romantic relationship are unparalleled and can overpower all other feelings and emotions. Love is a bundle of emotions characterized by passion, intimacy, and unflinching commitment. Also, love is all about deep affection and trust. Love may vary in intensity. Moreover, love may change with time. According to Jonah Engler, nothing can remain the same or unchanged forever. Relationships often lose their charm, and couples seem to drift away once the euphoria of love subsides.

There are countless reasons why people tend to break up. Often couples grow apart once they realize that their values, ideas, or interests do not match. You may meet someone and get attracted to him. It could prompt you to break the relationship you are currently in. It is common for people to go through one or two break-ups, at least. 

However, break-ups can be depressing and painful. If you ever cared for your partner, you should make it a point to end the sweet relationship gracefully. You should always try your best to avoid ending a relationship on a bitter note. 

Often passionate relationships may end, but make way for unadulterated friendship. Go for it! Jonah Engler offers a few recommendations to end love relationships graciously, instead of walking off with bitterness and anger.

Realize That It’s Going to Be Difficult & Painful

You need to realize that break-ups cannot be painless. Ending a romantic relationship could be heartbreaking and shattering for the couple involved. Even though each one of us would be happy to end relationships without hurting our partner or causing any regrets or pain, a broken relationship is a painful experience. Once you are prepared to face the truth that breaking a romantic relationship could be painful, but you will be mentally ready to face the aftermath of the challenge of ending it graciously.                                                                           

Meet & Make Your Partner Understand the Situation in Private

Your partner deserves an explanation, but never in public. You should meet him in a private setting and tell him about your state of mind and the vital break up decision. An intimate setting for a face-to-face conversation almost always works to end a relationship amicably. However, if you are anticipating that your partner may go berserk or have a violent reaction; it could be a safer alternative to conducting the breakup conversation in a public place.            

Honesty is the Best Policy but Avoid Details  

Your partner has a right to know why he is being dumped. It is best to avoid going into details. Make a clean break and simply admit that you two were incompatible or your long-term goals did not match his. Do not use derogatory statements and ignite a fight or argument. Also, do not create a scene.

Do Not Entertain Protests or Arguments

The other person may be surprised or shocked by your decision and may try to protest, argue, or talk of various reasons why you two should be together forever says Jonah Engler. He may try to convince you to give your relationship another shot, but if you are no longer happy with this relationship, break free from it. Remember that nothing can mend your tarnished relationship. Giving in at this stage will simply delay the inevitable.

Conclusion: Making a Clean Break Always Pays

Avoid suggestions of staying friends or staying in touch with your ex-partner. It is best to steer clear of further emotional entanglements with her. Sometime down the road, you may consider the possibility but now is not the right time.