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Jonah Engler – Can social enterprise boost the health and the fitness industry?

Jonah Engler wellness is as something more than the average health and fitness regimen. It is more than just a tight torso. And wellness has a more profound impact on its practitioners and followers. According to various study reports published in reputed journals, as an industry, the health and fitness sector has continued its meteoric rise.

But, according to experts, there is still a lot of room and a lot to be done. And it starts by listening to the people about what they want and how they want it. Experts are yet unsure of the public demands and variations that they should bring in.

Jonah Engler – The time to get fit is now

The steady influx of consumers into fitness and gyms is proof enough of the fact that everyone is taking their health pretty seriously. With an increase in the number of apps. And monitoring devices for exercising habits, the time to innovate is right now.

In the following post, we have gone over a few key areas where social enterprise can provide a boost to the wellness industry.

Gym membership

Jonah Engler as stated previously, gym memberships are on the rise, and the truth is social enterprise concerns run many of the gyms and fitness centers. This movement is proving that there is a lot of room to renovate methods and innovate to build better health. One key aspect of social enterprise is that it will enable us to bring down the cost of the yearly membership. This will rope in new members as well as strengthen communities and provide jobs to skilled individuals.

Old-age care home activities

One field of health and wellness that has never seen any innovation is sports, leisure management. And the welfare of the older people in the day-care or old-age homes. They need to remain active as much as their age permits to enjoy a certain quality of life. Social enterprises can bring about massive changes through fitness classes, chairobics. And dancing for thousands of elderly stuck at these homes.

It is one sector that can prove to be the melting pot of various innovative measures in the near future. According to experts, this is the less glamorous side of the business, and therefore, no groundbreaking innovation has come through but the time is ripe, and all it needs is a willing shoulder to carry out the ideas.


This art form is one of the best when you are looking to maintain your health and fitness. There is nothing like a good dancing session to let the blood circulate and regulate the hormonal imbalances within the body. However, there are limitations to dance classes since many users feel uncomfortable and restricted for a variety of reasons. These classes are either not open enough for the non-conformists of gender stereotypes or body types.

Through social enterprises, you can develop classes that will transcend the boundaries of gender and body shape norms so that your subscribers can enjoy their programs. And, in turn, get fitter, healthier and stronger to lead a better life. You can also make arrangements for training teachers so that you transform your modest venture into a health and wellness brand.

Social enterprise to skill up people

Here is another vital aspect of social enterprises. This is where social enterprise comes into play. The more you work in community outreach programs and add people for volunteering work and other associated management. You will find a plethora of talent that would have otherwise gone to waste.

Once you have a solid enough list, you can start to think about skills training so that those individuals can have a sustainable future. It is vital as far as the mental wellbeing of a community is concerned. You can run a stand-alone project to see how it goes and make arrangements for a few more as you gain experience.

Social enterprise and football

There are many football professionals with adequate training and acumen to produce professionals for the management side of the sport. Social enterprise concerns around the world are providing support to various unemployed. As well as disadvantaged individuals for a sustainable future in management as well as organizing community football initiatives.

But if social enterprise keeps producing knowledgeable management professionals, then the clubs will take notice. And it is not just about football; you need innovation in other fitness sports activities that include swimming and hockey.

Innovation in Golf

Golfing is something that we usually regard as something only the rich and few can access. If truth be told golf courses are public leisure centers and if these are made accessible to the ordinary people then not only will the popularity of the sport increase but more people will be enjoying this leisurely outdoor activity. This will, in turn, will boost their state of physical as well as mental wellbeing.

Golf clubs and other equipment can be supplied to the masses that have been unfortunate enough never to afford. Along with that, there are ample old and worn out golf courses that can be refurbished to provide opportunities. To an entire community through a standard wellness program.

So, you can see there is a lot of room for innovation regarding the wellness of individuals through social entrepreneurship. Echoing the words of philanthropist Jonah Engler, it doesn’t have to be about profit all the time.