Jonah Engler

Jonah Engler Advocates Making Your Marriage Strong Instead of Opting for a Divorce

A romantic getaway may not be the only solution to rekindle the spark in a marriage. It takes incredible effort to nurture, grow, and safeguard a marriage. Between kids, hectic work schedules, and so many other obligations, sometimes it becomes impossible to nurture and maintain a partnership. As such, issues may arise. Some couples think that it is best to opt for a divorce and find their separate ways for a healthier existence. However, others are not prepared to give up so easily. They would love to work on their relationship and try to save their marriage. Jonah Engler firmly believes that if you wish to make your marriage stronger, you can take a few proactive measures and constantly work at nurturing and improving the relationship. 

Give Top Priority to Your Marriage

You need to focus your attention on building a strong marital relationship. You need to work consistently at it to avoid losing interest in each other or drifting away. Work diligently on making your marriage not only work but making it stronger so that you can never stay away from each other. When you demonstrate your deep dedication to your marriage, nothing should ever go wrong. Maintaining a healthy marriage is a continuous process.

Infuse a Daily Dose of Affection & Respect

Get into the habit of practicing forgiveness and kindness. If both partners in a marital relationship demonstrate love for each other and respect each other, the relationship will stay healthy, and the bond between you two will be fortified. Remember to add a touch of love and compassion every day. Jonah Engler believes in showing how much you care by doing little things that go a long way in cementing the bond. 

Keep Reminding Yourself the Reason You Got Married to Your Partner

You should go back in time and think about why you felt so happy and proud to marry your partner. Always think of the time you thought your partner was the best thing that happened to you. Are you ready to give all that up now? Keep reminding yourself why you loved your partner all this while. Positive thinking can help you navigate challenging times. Be grateful and happy for finding the love of your life. Be dedicated enough to hang onto the relationship with patience. Always remember that good times are ahead.

Stay Committed to Your Relationship

Always tell yourself that divorce is not an option. You need to be committed to your relationship. Focus on fortifying the bond with your partner. Concentrate on taking proactive steps to make your marital relationship stronger. Demonstrate unwavering commitment towards your partner and perform all the responsibilities with a smile. Do not entertain thoughts of a life outside this marriage. Always respect and honor your partner. Do not ever make fun of her shortcomings. Do not ever criticize her in front of friends or relatives. It is natural for people to change with time. It is critical to understand, appreciate, and adapt to all changes to maintain a robust relationship explains Jonah Engler.


You should communicate regularly and openly about your dreams, interests, frustrations, feelings, and also life in general. Listen patiently to the thoughts and also feelings of your life partner. Give each other some space to add a new lease of life to your relationship.