Jonah Engler

How Meditation Helps You Attain Better Mental Health – A Jonah Engler Tutorial 

Meditation seems to be the new flavor in town, with it being seen and talked about almost everywhere says Jonah Engler. Ordinary mortals attend classes, companies encourage employees to meditate, and celebrities keenly wait for photo ops to show off their new self-awareness and health culture. With people practicing meditation reporting significant changes in virtually all aspects of their lives, it merits a closer look at how sitting cross-legged on the floor can help people deal with problems and keep well mentally.

Radical Stress Reduction

Meditation teaches you to focus on breathing well and clearing your mind of stress-inducing intrusive thoughts. Guided meditation leads you to another stream of thinking when you follow feel-good cues and positive affirmations that get planted in your subconscious and influence your responses. Jonah Engler says that when you visualize positive outcomes when meditating, you lead yourself into a state where it seems that the result has already been achieved. It eliminates all responses that create stress and helps you lead the rest of the day free of stress.


Research has demonstrated that meditation calms the heart beat and reduces brain activity, especially the network responsible for your thoughts wandering. The slower heart rate and the absence of energy-draining thoughts combined with other positive bodily processes. Help realign the system and relax the mind. It is why a simple 10-minute meditation session can help to relax you if you are feeling stressed, tense, and overwhelmed. Because it eliminates worries and slows down your rampaging thoughts, you can use meditation to transform your life.

Improvement in Emotional Regulation 

Meditation enables you to come to terms with your emotions, needs, and also longings. You achieve more clarity on why you react to stimuli as you do. Often if you cannot meet your needs, you try harder to achieve your objective. You may also feel that people or circumstances are manipulating or pressurizing you to do something you don’t want to. By meditating you can identify troublesome issues. Accept what you need to, and fix what you have to, observes Jonah Engler. A superior understanding of your emotions and reactions allows you to control your emotions better because now you can appreciate why you are reacting as you are.

Mental Clarity 

Meditation can clear your mind of random and stressful thoughts, anxiety, and worry. It allows you to relax your body, accept the reality of the present, and surrender your tensions. In short, meditation teaches you to let go of negative emotions. The more you can practice meditation, the better mental clarity you achieve.

Better Concentration

Those who meditate find that their ability to focus and concentrate improves. It is because one of the key elements of meditation, breathing, affects the level of noradrenaline. Moreover, a chemical messenger that impacts the brain’s ability to structure new neural connections. Meditation helps to strengthen the mind for better focus and calm. The more you practice mediation, the better the level of concentration.


Given the multiple benefits of mediation on mental health, it is a small wonder. Also, that people the world over are beginning to appreciate its importance for relaxing and achieving a peaceful frame of mind.