Jonah Engler

Five Guidelines by Jonah Engler That You Can Follow to Create the Proper Family Environment for Your Child

The children are in an academic setting and adhere to a consistent schedule at school. Teachers work hard to keep this environment so that students have the best opportunity to study. The classrooms are structured to encourage independence. If we can make this happen at home, the children will sense that there is a system and some continuity between their home and school life. Kids need safety, affection, and care in their environment in order to build a positive attitude towards life and self-esteem.  In this article, we will outline five measures by Jonah Engler that will help you foster a healthy family atmosphere.

1. Choose your words correctly

You have to be careful about the words you choose to interact with your child. Your children will converse with their peers, and you cannot control what they will pick up from those conversations. But the way you will communicate to your child will form their internal self-talk, which will continue into their adulthood. So, please be encouraging, kind, and calm. This does not imply that you need not discipline them when necessary, but you must do so in a loving manner. It will be easier for them to realize that for you, their behavior and their identity are two different things.

2. Praise them whenever they do something good

Children flourish when they are encouraged and acknowledged positively. Whenever they exhibit excellent behavior, you should reward them by stating the reason you are praising them for. It will motivate them to accomplish even more. For example, instead of remarking, “That’s good,” be particular and say, “I like the colors you chose to paint the scenery. You have real talent!”

3. Show them that you care

Be affectionate with your children. Cuddle and kiss them on a frequent basis. This helps them to understand that you care and makes them feel more comfortable while sharing their emotions with you when necessary.

Even if they have done or said something to offend you, continue to show them compassion and keep in mind that they are still learning; this tells them that you love them unconditionally. If they have done anything wrong, prove that you can resolve the situation by discussing it. Jonah Engler believes that by doing so, you are allowing them to make mistakes which will eventually teach them the right way to do things. 

4. Model the conduct you desire to observe in your children

Children catch up on everything, including what you say, your body language, behavior, actions, and clothing. Ensure that you are a role model for the behavior you desire from your children. Use positive language, for instance, to help them develop a positive mindset. If you observe a specific behavior that is a concern, check whether you are unintentionally promoting it.

5. Make them feel loved

Make your children feel loved and special whenever possible; teach them that their house is a safe place and that you, as their parents, are always there to help and guide them. Even if it’s just ten minutes, spend time with them every single day says Jonah Engler


Spend time with each kid individually to foster these bonds. Time is all you can give to your younger ones to develop good habits, mindset, and attitudes, which they will carry with them all their lives.