Everything you wanted to know about scholarships – Jonah Engler’sperspective

If you have plans to study with the help of a scholarship, it is best to know to apply as soon as possible. Also, you must identify your strengths before you can apply for one. Why is this so? The aim here is to select the right program so that your chances of selection improve. Be it in any field, there is stiff competition to get the scholarships.

If you have participated in sports or are an active sportsperson. It is best to select scholarship in the sports category. Alternatively, if you have been active in community services, applying for a “community service scholarship” is also a better option.

Go through the rules and regulations to get a better idea about where you stand. Let us find out more know about scholarships and a few factors related to the same as-

Types of scholarships you can apply for, according to Jonah Engler

Scholarships are available in different categories, and depending on the area in which you have the expertise, you can apply for financial aid in that particular category. The chances are plenty. Let us know more about the same.

  • Academic excellence- If you have a good track record for academic performance, you can apply for a scholarship in this category. You will come across many such colleges and universities that will pay for a 4-year academic curriculum at the undergraduate level if you have excelled throughout.

Scholarships – students get the scholarship depending on the grades and test scores they obtain in different modules and curriculum.

  • Achievement in Sports-Athletic scholarships can be of immense help if you have excelled know as a sportsperson. Choose from among the sports category like soccer, swimming, or athletics.
  • Community service-If you have extended your help to the worthy and valuable causes of the society, you deserve to win a scholarship for pursuing your higher studies. Awards can range between $2,000 and $25,000.
  • Financial aid- Many students will require financial help if they have been under the segment “demonstrated financial need.” Many scholarship organizations will seek such students so that they can get assistance.
  • Military affiliation- If your family has an association with a company or U.S Military, you can look for scholarships available in this category.
  • Scholarships for differently-abled students

Scholarships are not only for top students and those that have excelled in their fields. They are also available for differently-abled children. These students think and learn “differently” with special aids. And if you can extend help for such a student, there is nothing more gratifying than this.

You will come across many such scholarships available to students belonging know to this category. They are usually available through state and federal and also private programs. And there are awards aside from scholarships for such students too.

And if you happen to come across Jonah Engler, a well-known philanthropist and social worker in his own right, you can bank upon his assistance for the same. He has been helping students with a scholarship that goes by his name. We will discuss more the scholarship offered by Jonah Engler in the paragraphs below.

For differently-abled students, there are many scholarships and grants that you can explore and then apply for.

Jonah Engler’s Scholarship

Jonah Engler is a social service worker and a reputed philanthropist. The well known “Jonah Engler Scholarship” offers it to deserving students. The essence of this financial aid revolves around the concept of “touch and feel” and in which technology comes next. According to Jonah Engler, the deserving individual can be judged not by their needs but also by their attitude.

He extends this help to one student every year and awards $1000 towards the scholarship payment to the eligible student. You will have to write an essay of word length 500 words so that you can enter the competition.

As far as the eligibility criteria are concerned, you have to be enrolled as a college student but still not reached “Senior Year.” You must be a high school senior and must have secured admission into a university or college.

You are usually given a topic for the essay, and the eligible student will get shortlisted for the scholarship. You have to keep track of the deadline and also understand the selection criteria.

Once the entries get assessed and reviewed, the best entries will be shortlisted to narrow down to one. You must complete an online form wherein you have fill-in the details to complete the application process.

Scholarships for High School students

Aside from the different types of scholarships mentioned above, you can apply for a scholarship if you are a high school student under separate categories.

You will find the following categories. Scholarships for-

  • High School Seniors
  • High School Sophomores
  • School Freshman
  • High School Juniors

There are many instances when someone wants to pursue higher studies but cannot do so due to a lack of funds.

For such students, scholarships are of immense help. And if you have a philanthropist by your side, you can expect to go a long way in your academic career. Also, if the educational foundation is strong, you can explore several avenues that open up with good grades and excellent scores. 

As such, you must make yourself eligible for such scholarships so that your grades and test know scores can speak for themselves. You also enjoy an edge over the others by being eligible for educational awards. And financial assistance as you travel along the educational path in your life.