Jonah Engler

3 Ways to Beat Uncertainty and Live a Happier Life

According to Jonah Engler, uncertainty is something we all have to deal with, and it will only become more prevalent as we move into an increasingly digital world. You can’t know every detail about your future, whether it’s the next few years or even just the next few months, but it can be frustrating when uncertainty gets the best of you and starts wreaking havoc on your psyche.
No one can predict the future – even if they could, knowing what’s coming would probably make your head spin. Even when you think you have your life completely figured out, something new can appear out of nowhere to throw everything into chaos and uncertainty.
So how do you deal with it? These three instant methods help beat uncertainty and live a happier life.

  1. Don’t Dwell on Things You Can’t Control
    According to Jonah Engler, uncertainty is a part of life. At any given moment, a million things could happen, and we have no way of knowing which one will come to pass. This can be frustrating, and even scary at times. However, Jonah Engler suggests that it’s important to remember that dwelling on things you can’t control only makes the situation worse. It leads to anxiety, stress, and even depression.
    Instead of fixating on the things you can’t control, focus on the things you can. Make a plan and take actionable steps towards your goal. When you take control of the things you can, the things you can’t seem much less daunting.
    As long as you don’t let uncertainty rule your life, you’ll be much happier and more successful.
  2. Accept That Change Is a Part of Life
    Change is an inevitable part of life. It can be something as small as your daily routine or something as major as a career change. As per Jonah Engler learning to accept change can be difficult, but it is essential if you want to live a happy and fulfilled life.
    One of the best ways to deal with change is to view it as an opportunity. Embrace new experiences and challenges, and use them to grow and learn. Remember that every change brings with it the potential for new adventures and discoveries. When you approach change with an open mind, you will find that it can be an exciting and rewarding experience.
    So next time something in your life changes, accept it as a chance to grow and discover something new about yourself or the world around you.
  3. Spare Some Time for Yourself
    In uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to take care of yourself both physically and mentally. One of the best ways to do this is to spare some time for yourself daily. This can look different for everyone, but some ideas include reading, writing, listening to music, spending time in nature, or taking a bath.
    It’s important to find an activity that brings you joy and allows you to escape from the stressors of everyday life. When you make time for yourself, you’ll be better able to handle whatever challenges come your way. So take a deep breath and give yourself permission to relax. You deserve it! J
    Be Friends with Uncertainty
    Certainty is an elusive concept. What we think is certain today may turn out to be false tomorrow. Even our most cherished beliefs and values can be called into question, but there are steps we can take to overcome them and live a happier existence.