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Jonah Engler has a liking and love for philanthropy and humanitarian initiatives; so he comes to the assistance of poor students in the US, who cannot afford the high education fee in the US colleges and universities.

Jonah Engler

Jonah Engler essentially leans toward those with creative minds having outstanding solutions to niggling problems.

About the Author - Jonah Engler Silberman

Jonah Engler Silberman satiates his passion by spending his time supporting various charitable activities such as the Jonah Engler Scholarship program. However, he believes in this cause and works hard to lift the poor students in the country so that they can chase their dreams and become successful in life. The rules for his charitable work only entail accountability, honesty, and transparency.

Jonah Engler
Jonah Engler

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Personal interests

Jonah Engler vigorously engages in different activities of personal interest, like fine foods and delicious coffee. Also, he loves the aromas and tastes found in a simple cup of steaming coffee. Jonah likes to research on other projects that have similar values or principles, or something that rouses his interest. His skill together with his passion let him deliver solid and authentic information in broader subjects. Similarly, his philanthropic initiatives persist to aid and motivate people around him in the coming years too.

The goal of Jonah Engler Scholarship program

The Scholarship is meant to set up a structure to deal with a touch and feel, the first approach, and the second approach is technology, for the college students. When it comes to the $1,000 prize money, it would be given to a student who demonstrates noteworthy effort in his academics as well as someone, who helps others around him.

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Aim of Jonah Engler Scholarship.

The qualifying applicants should be either a college student currently enlisted in a college, or someone who hasn’t reached senior year, or for that matter a high school senior candidate who has been accepted in a reputed college in the country.


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